Thin Yellow Line Crew Sock


Our Thin Yellow Line sock represents Dispatchers who are often the unsung heroes of public safety who are the first line of communication between a crime victim and safety officers. Once a call is made EMS/EMT/Paramedics are sent to the scene and do as much as possible to help them.

FirstOn Socks are 100% Made in the USA and are manufactured with 100% USA made fibers!

  • Materials
    • Our products are made with a combination of Nylon, in-house created Spandex, and StayCool Polyesyter to prevent blistering. We also use a fiber called CuTech which is a fiber composed of copper and polyester that enhances circulation and reduces bacteria.
    • We utilize Silver Tech Anti-Microbial which helps the sock continually fight bacteria on the inside and outside to prevent foot odor and infection. 
  • C4 Technology
    • C4 Technology was designed by the incredible FirstOn Research and Development Team to bring our customers the ultimate performance sock. The 4 C's stand for Comfort, Contouring, Compression, and Cushioning
      • 1. Comfort: A stay-put comfort band around the top of the sock ensures that "hungry boots" will be a thing of the past.
      • 2. Contouring: The leg of the sock is contoured to provide the appropriate graduated compression which prevents swelling. 
      • 3. Compression: Strategically placed areas of compression thoughtout the sock provides maximum support in the ankles, leg, and arch of the foot. 
      • 4. Cushioning: Extra cushioning is placed in high impacted areas such as the heel, ball of the foot, and ankle to lessen impact and reduce blister-causing friction. 
SHOE  M 4-5.5 6-8.5 9-10.5 11-12.5 13-16
  W 5-6.5 7-9 9.5-11

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